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DRD4 Fin Company:  Presently three generations of surfers dedicated to preserving the integrity of the past, nourishing the present and investing in the future.

Located in Santa Barbara California our family history dates back to 1840. Introduced to surfing in Hawaii in the 1930's.  Every generation has been hooked ever since. As my mother would always say "the ocean heals everything, go get wet".

100 % Satisfaction guaranteed, try- don't like ? Return for full refund or replace no questions asked.  Free shipping in the USA. 

Choose Happiness,



DRD4 is the dopamine receptor associated with thrill-seeking and risky behavior, ADD, ADHD, and other "disorders" that give us the drive and  passion to pursue life in the spontaneity and chaos of nature outside of conventional life. 



     DRD4 Fin Company